Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The South Must Rise Again

I am originally from California and at the time of this writing have lived here in Alabama for past 3 years. You would think that the old battle cries "The South shall rise again" would be heard often. Just the opposite is true. Here we are in the middle of the birthplace of the Civil War and Civil Rights. When I first arrived here in the South. It was like a utopia for Christianity. Here there is a church around every corner. You see billboards on the road promoting churches, Christian radio and more promoting the need for salvation. Could this be the Garden of Eden? No, like all gardens there are snakes waiting to strike.

It does not take a lot of head scratching when looking at a map of the United States to know where the "Bible belt" is located. Unfortunately that belt is shrinking. Living on a diet of the modern world. Relying less and less on God and relying on self. I dare you. Take a look at the map. The last stronghold of Christianity in the United States is here in the South. Here in the Bible belt. Satan knows our Achilles heel. Keep the Bible belt shrinking and the rest of America will fall.

In the late 1950’s and early 60’s we had the great crusades. Now we are hard pressed to get a group of Christians together for a simple bible study. Preachers now have to walk lightly so not to offend their congregation. We see Christians now pointing fingers at other Christians at the drop of a hat. No wonder new Christians are turning away from the faith. Backsliding. No wonder unbelievers just say NO to anything that points to Christ. If Christians cannot get it right why not give another religion a try? Ouch! D. C. stop slapping us around.

What an ugly picture I have painted here. What an uphill battle we face.

As I write this article I am attending a five-day revival at another church in town led by my Pastor. Not until I walked out of that church the first night did I realize just how much I needed it. All it takes is one bad day or just one missed timed thought and you feel cut off at the knees these days. Is that not why we should attend church each week? I do not know about you but I certainly need to be revitalized with God’s Word often. And there lies the answer America.

Instead of always looking to the horizon for the next big thing. Take a moment to look down at your opened Bible. For the past, present and future are contained within. Then go out and share it with someone else. For I am sure that someone shared it with you first.

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