Saturday, July 2, 2011

Encouragement Technology:

Technology is a fundamental part of American society. While watching the History Channel's Top 101 Gadgets the cell phone was rated the most influential gadget of all time so far. Last week at the hospital I saw cell phones, smart phones, laptops, netbooks, tablet PCs and to the best of my knowledge there was just three of us carrying a Bible.

With so much technology and communication you would think as a Christian the more opportunities for witnessing for Christ. Just the opposite is happening. Each year we see less baptisms and church membership continues to decline nationwide. How is this possible with so much technology and communication right at our fingertips?

Is it technological etiquette? Is it separation of church and state? How about the separation of church and God?

You Got Prayer! At least that is how I look at it when I send my prayers to others by texting. Yes, texting. Why not? Could you use an encouraging prayer sent to you during the day? I know I need as many prayers as possible. How about you?

It works two-fold. One: we are to pray now and not later. Now just does not fit in my schedule. Prayer is all about the now. Two: It keeps you focused. Focused on the needs of others. Sending prayers via technology lets you remind yourself several times a day about the needs of others. I often review the prayers I have sent during the day and pray again for them.

I wonder what Paul might think of all this technology? Would he like it that we now have audio visual presentations during church. That we chat on our phones and texting 24/7? I am sure he would appreciate how far we have come, but there would be no valid excuse for not carrying a Bible with us at all times. We have pocket Bibles, techno Bibles, audio Bibles and online Bibles. We have more opportunities to share Christ than ever before, but we don't.

Go ahead. Be different and encourage others using today's technology. By phone, text, email or even by an old fashion card or letter. Use technology to share God's Word in today's fast pace world. It might just slow up enough to hear God.

Teach, Preach and Reach.

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