Saturday, August 15, 2009

A lesson in the Gospel of John

When you are involved in witnessing you probably are given the opportunity in giving out a copy of the Gospel of John. Where we fail in witnessing is in discipleship. Continuing follow up and follow through so our new Christian brother or sister does not backslide into Satan’s grip once again.

The new Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. Life Application Bible Studies Gospel of John is a tool worth using in discipleship. This is what I would call a true soup to nuts application. Contained within the book is the complete Life Application Study Bible of the Gospel of John. Now I own the 1996 edition of the New Living Translation Life Application Bible. This newest edition is a wonderful and major improvement in my opinion. Within this study book you receive it all. Included are the Life Application notes, maps, articles, cross-references and a guide in using all the tools of what makes a study bible truly a modern asset for today’s Christian. If you do not own such a study bible this is a great inexpensive way to get a hands on feel for it and decide for yourself if it is right for you.

The book contains 13 lessons. They are more than just read a passage of scripture and jot down an answer. The study takes a little different approach than most other bible studies I have been involved in. Since this is a Life Application study the first question always involves an open reflection on a personal life lesson. Though the book recommends a timeframe of 5 to 10 minutes for the opening question I have found it to take much longer depending on the group size. It is an important way to open things up. Many of the lesson questions deal with the Life Application Study notes. Opening the door in how to maximize the use of this study bible. Another key point in the study is the “Realize the Principle” question in each of the 13 lessons. This gets you thinking of how to apply to your life and to share with others what you have learned from the scriptures you are studying. It is a well thought out study program.

Before you hand this bible study to someone make sure you have gone through it yourself first. You personally will benefit from this well thought out and in-depth study of the Book of John.

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