Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas 496

There are a few unique moments in history included in Christmas. My grandparents were married on Christmas day. Though they have long passed on. Their teaching and love they shown to me influences my life to this very day.

Around the year 481 a young 15 year-old become king. After the break up of the Roman Empire King Clovis came to power of a small kingdom in the corner of Gaul. The young king quickly took over the adjoining lands and united Gaul. Later King Clovis moved his capitol city to Paris. Later he founded the nation of France. In the year 493 the king married a Christian woman. Queen Clothide wished their newborn son to be baptized and the king agreed. The child died in his baptismal robe. King Clovis blamed God. Their second child was also baptized yet grew ill shortly after. Queen Clothide was said to have prayed earnestly and the child recovered. King Clovis was said to have been impressed. When the king was now 30 years old in the midst of a loosing battle cried out to Jesus Christ on behalf of his faithful wife and queen. It is said he asked God for victory and would be baptized. Soon the battle turned to his favor. In the Cathedral of Rheims on December 25, 496 King Clovis was baptized along with 3,000 of his troops. Known in church history as one of the first great mass conversions in Europe.

It was on Christmas Eve of 2006 during the Christmas Evening service that God revealed to me the purpose that I must serve. So clear, so simple but that is a different Christmas story.

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Anonymous said...

I, for one, would like to read YOUR Christmas story! God bless you, Duke!

Dr. Jones

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