Thursday, March 3, 2011

Scars of a Chef

I just finished reading Chef Rick Tramonto's new book entitled: Scars of a Chef. If you think the cover shows attitude, wait till you start reading. I like it. Immediately his style of writing was like sitting down with him at the kitchen table looking over scrapbooks and old photos. Then asking, “How did this all happen.”

It is a wonderful adventure if you like roller coaster rides. The author does not hold back. He is not Mr. Nice Guy. Growing up with literary nothing but determination and attitude. The shear odds of him making anything of himself were all stacked against him. I found myself nearly shouting, “Go Ricky, you can do it!”

Chef Tramonto gives us a look inside the world of fine dinning only a few ever see. At age 22 I worked as a bartender for large French owned restaurant in the San Francisco Bay Area. It was chaos behind those swinging doors. Multiply that a 1,000 times and we just scratch the surface of Rick's life.

What inspired me the most was how he had to start all over time and time again. Nature of the business? Perhaps. In the book you are right there with him. Taking the hits and struggling to get back up. Whether you are a Christian or not you need to read this book. I found myself after reading it going back to the pictures in the middle to get to know the faces that went with the names.

Here in the South some might say Rick takes the long way around the barn to tell a story. True, but well worth it. You really get a chance to live his life through his words and his story.

Where is God in all this? That is one of the best parts. I am not going to spoil it for you. Rick faces his demons just like the rest of us. With what he had to go through I am surprised God put up with him for so long. Just goes to show you God's grace, mercy and love.

If you want to shock someone then give them this book. Do not be surprised later to hear back from them thanking you for it. The best part about it is the story of Chef Rick Tramonto is not finished. Looking forward to his followup book.

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