Saturday, April 13, 2013

Mealtime Devotions by John Avery Whittaker

Meal Time Devotions:

It might be targeted for kids, but it goes a lot farther than that. A wonderful book to get you started on the right conversation.

In today's world. Sitting at the dinner table is a rare thing indeed. With our busy schedules. Work, school, church, social events, family events, work around the house and others. Dinner has become more of a pit-stop than a family gathering.

The original purpose of this book is to get your family talking about the spiritual matters that count. To help prepare our children to face life's matters God's way. With that said, I personally am using this book for an entire different purpose.

I am responsible for my church's Men's Ministry. Getting a group of men together is much more difficult than even getting your family together at the dinner table. Early morning is usually out of the question due to work and family. After work is even harder. So what do you do?

One of the best ways for men to meet is at a local restaurant after work for about 45 minutes to an hour at best. After work we are tired and hungry. Meal Time Devotions is the perfect lesson plan for us. Prayer, Appetizer, Main Course, Table Talk, then some Vitamins and Minerals. The issues affecting our youth are very similar to what we as men are facing in today's busy backwards world. The easy to follow format of this book makes leading the group a breeze.

Table Talk, open discussion is key to a productive Bible study group, in my opinion. We sit down during Sunday School and listen. We listen to the Sunday sermon. This is a chance to ask questions and discuss what is going on in our lives while keeping God the focus of the discussions.

Though I am using this book for an entire different purpose, it works just as easy with a group of men as it will with your family or any group gathering. Easy and compact to carry around in your back pocket. Youth Ministers wold benefit greatly by using this book too.

Vitamins and Minerals is the closing session. Leaving everyone with God's Word to follow for the rest of the evening and/or week. This book is a wonderful tool.

Teach, Preach and Reach!

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