Friday, January 25, 2008

But, it’s your job:

Would you call your work or your job fun? Chances are very low you answered YES. Those days when things are not going so well we often have someone come up and say, “But it’s your job.” As if to say if we do not like it then we can leave.

Let us put it into perspective. You are at the foot of the cross. You look up and see Christ bleeding from His wounds about to take His last breath. You see the blood pooling at the base of the cross. It is a very horrific sight. The stench of death is all around you. Then you look Jesus in the eye and say, “I know you are in great pain. Betrayed, mocked, whipped and beaten. You have taken my punishment. But, it’s your job.”

What an insult to all mighty God! You would not say that to Jesus. Then why say it to His children? To our brothers or sisters in Christ?

Hey D.C. get real. You are taking it a little too seriously.

Perhaps you are right. But, I see it all the time. I have been told those very same words. Have we not said it or even worse thought it with regards to our pastors? I was just reading in one of my devotionals about a pastor who would drop everything to help others. He was a workaholic. His family suffered the most and needed him. Yet this pastor’s desire was always to help others. It was killing him. Do you dare tell his wife and family, “But it is his job?” NO.

I am guilty. Too often I focused on what I thought someone else’s responsibilities were rather than listening to what God’s Word has said about my own. Do not make the same mistakes I have.


Troy Nichols said...

Good Job, mate! And you thought I never read your blogs!

Becky said...

I am as quilty as you and others to think that "That is their job". You know if sometimes we would just stop and think a little it is also our job to serve others also. When we someone that is doing their best at their job but needs help we should do what it takes to help. As far as our pastors they need us a lot more than we think they do. So a kind word of thanks is always appreciated in whatever kind of job that we are doing.
Your sister in Christ

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