Sunday, March 2, 2008

Why Seminary?

It is much more than just bible college. It is much more than just bible studies. For me, it is boot camp training to serve as a soldier. Spiritual warfare is real. The battle has been raging for thousands of years. Service in ministry is not a career move. There are no riches and rewards. There is hardship and service. Not a great recruiting slogan I admit.

The numbers are even worst. The statistics I have been exposed to state that half of seminary students fail to graduate. Of those who do; enter the ministry over half will leave in the first two years. Combine that with falling numbers in church membership and attendance the appeal in ministry service has little interest. I would not say the encouragement from my fellow church members of me entering seminary has been overwhelming with enthusiasm. Ouch!

Hey D.C. it seems you have been painting this picture with nothing but dark colors. Entering the ministry takes more than just passion to serve more than a passion to help others. People will disappoint you and you will disappoint people. We must do it because above all we love Jesus.

D.C. those are noble words from a first year student. They are and I will return to this article again years from now.

I have been blessed to know several Pastors over the past 10 years. All serve because of their love for Christ. No one in their right mind would choose a career that has such daily ridicule and attacks against one’s family. My professors serve and through that service their love for Christ shines bright. So brightly that it encourages all of us in school.

Seminary is intense and difficult. The service we are facing will require such sacrifice. Why seminary? Why face a lifetime of being the world’s stepstool? Why face a lifetime of servitude? Love.

The love of Christ gives me the ability to smile when there is nothing in my life to smile about. As a servant of Christ perhaps I will be used so another will also be able to smile even though there is nothing to smile about.


Anonymous said...

I will say AMEN to that!


Becky said...

This is so true my brother. Few people understand why one would choose the life of a servant but one that is a true servant and child of Christ will understand. That to serve is that greatest reward.
D.C. I just want to tell you how much of an encouragement it is to be able to attend seminary with you and to share in God's love.


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