Saturday, March 22, 2008

Barabbas and Easter:

Here it is Easter so why would I be studying about Barabbas? I have found that when the Bible mentions a name or an event twice or more we should take notice. The word Barabbas is mentioned five times in Matthew chapter 27. He was guilty of murder. It does not take a lot of head scratching to figure out that it should have been Barabbas on that cross and not Jesus. Therefore would you agree that Jesus took the place of Barabbas?

Why is that important? Dig deeper. The word Barabbas in Greek means “son of father.” With that said. Follow me on this one. Barabbas was a son of Adam as all of us are the sons and daughters of Adam. Born into sin and death. Jesus the Son of God the Son of our heavenly Father took the place of the son of our earthly father. Jesus took our place on that cross. Jesus was the only sacrifice acceptable to all mighty God. Conquering sin and death.

Pilate could have chosen anyone. He chose Barabbas. The people chose their earthly son. As we choose our earthly ways. While our salvation stood right in front of them and us now!

God has given us a clear message.

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