Monday, March 24, 2008

No one wants to be God:

We hear it from adults. If I were God I would never let bad things happen. Teenagers might say that they would have created the Internet and MP3 players on the first day. If we think for just a moment about the unimaginable responsibility God has how would anyone of us ever want to be God?

Think about it. Just look at one single blade of grass. A chemist could spend a lifetime studying it. The very building blocks of life are contained within it. Yet God is involved and responsible for every blade of grass across the entire earth. He is involved and responsible for every grain of sand. Now add over six and a half billion people. If just 1% of them whines and complains as much as I do then there is reason enough why you would not want to be God. Now add all the planets in our solar system. Add too the junk spinning around our planet and the various thousands of asteroids. Now add the millions and millions of stars throughout the universe. God is involved with every detail every moment of the day.

Yet when I pray He does not say sorry D. C. I am too busy right now. Try back later. No, God is there. Does He talk directly to you? Not in my case. I believe God speaks in a whisper like the wind flowing off the wings of a butterfly. It is easy to miss. My problem is that I am so busy telling God my problems that I fail to realize all He has done for me. If God is willing to put the universe on hold to listen to me at least I can find the time to stop, be quiet and listen to God.

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