Saturday, October 11, 2008

Witness Reaction Program, Step Three: Worship

In step-one we learned to get in tune with God and stay in tune with Him through prayer. In step-two we learned to know God through His word. Studying His word is essential for our Christian growth. The first three steps of the Witness Reaction Program are the foundation work for our Christian faith. If you do not have it or do not live it then how can it show in you? How can God’s light shine through you?

The next step is worship. Have you ever been in church service with the choir singing and tears come running down your face? For that brief moment everything is fine even though you might be at you’re lowest. It is at that moment we come before God with a repentant heart. It is at that moment that we give up all we are to God. I will let you in on a little secret. We do not come to church to worship. We bring our worship to church.

Worship is associated with song or music. If you are like me then you know how to make a joyful noise. Those around me hear the noise and God and I hear the joy. Yes, call me a Jesus freak. I am one of those who move back and forth when the music plays. I enjoy hearing the choir sing. Come Monday morning has the joy left you?

Each day and each moment is a time to worship God. When that choir song keeps ringing in your ear let it move you. Perhaps you only remember the chorus line. Sing it over and over. Today there are many Christian radio stations as well as Internet radio Christian videos on and on CD. A good song can change your mood from negative to positive.

Reading the Book of Psalms has helped ease my heart in times of trouble. The more of them you read the more your heart will cry out to God.

Our youth band is a joy to listen too. Sure I know I am getting older since I often think the music is too loud. So I sit in the back. The point is that you need to search out different opportunities in worship. Go to a Christian concert with friends from church. Ask fellow Christians what groups or songs they listen too. Your Minister of Music at your local church is a great resource. Ask him.

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Keep up the good work, Mr. Duke!!

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