Wednesday, August 18, 2010

America's not Wanted

Clothing giant, or former giant, American Apparel Inc. is slowly falling away into corporate American history. I would like to say because of poor sales. The truth is CEO and founder Dov Charney had a great idea. American made clothing for sale here in America. What a contrarian way of thinking. The road to success has been marred with lawsuits and other shall we say suspicious business practices and colorful press.
Mr. Charney fits the world's view of success. With 10,000 employees world-wide. Taking his company public in 2007. Winning fashion awards. Named Entrepreneur of the Year in 2004 among other titles. Yet the company has fallen on hard times lately.

Debt is killing the company as is our nation. American Apparel's debt has increased to over 120 million dollars. Its stock dropping to record lows.

As a Christian, why should we care? This corporate sad story is an example of what is going wrong in our country. American made has little or no meaning right here in America. American icon Warren Buffet in the September 2010 issue of Smart Money magazine noted his suit with a China label.

What about our Christian label? I have been told that 80% to 90% of our communications with one another is by sight or by body language. That makes sense with how the world looks at us as Christians.

We are seen heading for church on Sundays to get our religious fix then live like the world till next Sunday. Might not be fair but that is how we are seen. The church used to be the center of the local community. Kids did not have many places to go for fun. So they went to their local church. Society did not have many social activities to be distracted by so they went to church. If there was a problem in the community people looked to the church for help, guidance and action. Today it seems the church is competing with local movie theaters, the mall, sports and even bass fishing. It has become about entertainment and not the salvation of one's soul. Not about standing for God, but standing for yourself. Self-serving and more predictable each day. Satan likes that.

We (Americans) want to look better. Live better. Have bigger and better things and stuff. We will undercut our own nation for it. Why pay more for American Made clothes when you can get them cheaper from overseas. Why run a company with focus and purpose when living the American dream is the name of the game for those sitting at the TOP. Even a house of debt must come down someday. When Mr. Dov Charney jumps out with his golden parachute what will happen to the other 10,000 employees? Thanks doll for giving us the shaft?

As Christians, what can we do? What should we do? Back in my grandfather's day the church was not afraid of being politically correct. If the town was corrupt the voice of the pulpit spoke load and clear for all to hear. Not just for the church congregation. Protest did bring the entire congregation down to city hall in a moments notice. Today we are lucky if a few citizens even show up for a city council meeting.

We need to get back into the face of society. Jesus did not preach in a safe and comfortable establishment. He ate and drank with society's worst. Why? Who needed to be saved? Those who knew or should have known God or those with a front row ticket straight to Hell?

We want to be nice. We want to avoid offending people. If your neighbor's house was on fire would you casually walk over there and please ask if you could step inside and save them? No, we would rush in there and drag them out kicking and screaming. If they wanted to run back into the flames then that would be a different story. Yet, some will listen to the Gospel and then run right back into the flames.

Time to team up. Set up and get into the fight.

Amen. D C McKay <><

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