Saturday, August 7, 2010

Slavery is Alive and Well

Living in the South the word “Slavery” is still a word scowled upon. It brings up a dark past in our history that we are not proud of. Similar to our very early church history which in one afternoon “The Church” martyred more Christian brothers and sisters than all the Caesars combined. Yes, it happened.

How about slavery today? An estimated 12 to 27 million are held in slavery today! How can this be? How as Christians over the centuries could we possibly have even allowed this to happen? Yes it is alive and well right now. Today!

Any where between 600,000 to 800,000 human-beings are trafficked around the world and over 17,000 are trafficked here in the United States. Half of these modern day slaves are children.

We are blind to it. It is not news-worthy. Sure an occasional celebrity has appeared surprised that the garments bearing their name come from slave camps and political correct announced sweat shops.

Prior to William Wilberforce's life's battle that led to the Slavery Abolition Act of 1833 in England it was said that a drop of blood is in every lump of sugar. Referring to the slave trade and slave labor in the growing, harvesting, and the production of sugar for one's tea.

Not far off the truth for today. How many of the socks, shirts, shoes and other clothing we purchase come from the backs of modern day slaves? Try going into Wal-mart and find a label that says “made in the USA?” You will be hard pressed to find one on clothing, toys or even sporting goods. There before us is the 12 to 27 million brothers and sisters that wait for freedom. Who die each day hidden and invisible to us.

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