Saturday, August 14, 2010

Paradise and the Baptist World Congress:

On the front page of the Alabama Baptist Newspaper was an article about the recent 20th Baptist World Congress. Over 4,500 Baptist from 105 nations gathered. What a surprise. They held the event in Honolulu, Hawaii. Rallying for God in the midst of paradise seems off base to me. According to the article those attending represented over 37.3 million baptized believers. Sorry they did not represent me.

One note added that more than 1,000 people who registered for the event were unable to attend because they were denied visas by our very own U.S. government. Must be a threat of those Christian extremist. If even one was denied they should have pulled the plug and moved the event to another country. Here is a thought. Perhaps they should have had the event in a country in need. With 4,500 people that is 4,500 meals to prepare for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Not to mention the need for 4,500 places to stay, shop, transportation and so on. You think representing 105 nations one would be in need more than Honolulu. Let us face it the beach has its appeal.

Was any sweeping changes made? No. Was a plan to end poverty created? No. One accepted report called to provide examples of godly living. Here is an idea. Why not start with your own event? How 4,500 Baptists of a 105 nations going out on the streets of Honolulu and feeding the poor and homeless. Or helping the drug addicted. Oops I am sorry that is something Jesus would do. Who is He?

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I understand there were local mission projects in Hawaii that people attending the Baptist World Congress could get involved with during their stay. The next Baptist World Congress will be in South Africa which you could arguably say is a country in need. David Coffey during his presidency of the BWA has actively supported Micah Challenge which is working to end poverty.


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