Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Radical by David Platt

Not very many books would be on my Must Read List. This is one of them. The book is Radical by David Platt. You have probably heard of him and his church family of the Church at Brook Hills in Birmingham Alabama. It is a mega-church. Yet one that is trully doing radical obedience for Christ.

Just 9 chapters that will inform you. Change you. Get your focus on God and God's Word. It is far more than just saying NO to self. It is a plan and call to action for all Christians to radical obedience for Christ.

Brother David might be a mega-church pastor but he speaks like a down to earth fellow you would meet at a small church. His ideas are simple. His challenge is tough.

I have been invited to a Bible study using David's book later this month. I am looking forward to it and know it will be one of the hardest to complete. It is about taking the Gospel back from the corrupt corporate American Dream we have all fallen victim too.

I guess the best way to describe my reaction to the book is WOW! The other is I am scared what God is now going to call me to do. Yes, this is a must read book. Get it. Read it. Get Radical.

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