Saturday, August 28, 2010

Week Two of Radical:

This morning ended week two and chapter two in our study of David Platt's book, “Radical.” Is God's Word enough to bring us together?

A group of Christian men getting together for the study of God's Word. Forty and even sixty years ago that was a common occurrence here in the United States of America. Here in the South you would still expect it, but fewer and fewer men are doing it. Why?

Many of us are working two jobs. Working nights and weekends. We have family responsibilities. We are getting older and seem to have less time week after week. Then we say, “I need more Me Time.” Where does God fit in?

Our Christian brothers and sisters around the world risk their lives just getting together to worship. Risk their lives serving Christ many times in secret. They do not have the comfort of air-conditioned rooms. They do not have sound systems, modern projections systems or Power Point. No cushioned chairs. Many meet in rooms with dirt floors. They are there because they thirst for God's Word. They are there because of their personal relationship with Jesus. Not a religion; a relationship with Christ.

We have no threat of being persecuted for meeting at church or in our homes. At least not yet. Christianity should be exploding throughout our country not drying up. Do we go to church for His Word or is it something else? The truth is we do not go to church to worship. We must bring our worship to church.

Being Radical is not about going backwards. It is not about coming up with wild new ideas to attract people to Christ. Marketing sells books. Worshiping God can save souls. I like David's lesson on Secret Church. That got your attention, but there is no secret about it. Christians meeting at church on a non-church night to pray and study God's Word. Not just for an hour but hours. Late into the night. Stripping away any entertainment value and just focusing on Christ. Would you come?

I am talking to Christians directly. Remember moments before, even seconds before you gave your life to Christ? You hungered for God. For His Word. For forgiveness and salvation through Jesus Christ. Nothing could stop you. That void had to be filled now. Filled only by your personal relationship with Christ. Do not tell me you are full. Thirst today as you did that moment.

Team up, set-up and get into the fight. <><

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Very well said! I am curious though, how many people read your blog?


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